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The Manor at Blue Water Bay Awarded Nursing Care Center Accreditation

Short Term Rehabilitation

Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy programs are designed to meet the needs of the individuals we serve. Therapy is a necessary and beneficial service that allows patients to function as independently as possible.


The Rehabilitation team works closely with the patient, his/her family members,  physician, nursing staff, social services and other facility staff to provide a coordinated approach to care.  Special attention is paid to achieving an optimal outcome by establishing individualized treatment plans for each patient.

Our unique program at The Manor allows the professional team to work with the patient and the family to ensure a smooth transition to the home.  A fully equipped therapy room allows for intense therapy sessions that maximize recovery.  Home visits with the patient and family members are routine as the patient nears discharge.  This service allows for additional recommendations and assistance in order to enhance the individual’s return home safely.

Changing needs are constantly evaluated and continuous care is provided to meet both routine and complex needs.


Physical Therapy (PT)

We have Licensed Physical Therapists and Licensed Physical Therapy Assistants. Bed mobility, transfers, range of motion, pain management and ambulation are several of the many tasks your physical therapist will help you accomplish.  


Occupational Therapy (OT)

Registered and licensed Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistants will assist you to become more independent with activities of daily living (ADL’s), upper extremity strengthening, range of motion (ROM), adaptive devices and equipment, and other household tasks that will help prepare you for your discharge home.


Speech Therapy (ST)

Licensed Speech & Language Pathologists will complete an evaluation if deemed necessary and can assist with improving swallowing, dysphasia, diet texture modifications, memory and orientation, as well as receptive and expressive communication deficits.



The therapy team utilizes various modalities to assist in the overall treatment of their patients.  There are a variety of modalities that can help strengthen, relax, and heal muscles.  Such modalities may include

  • Electrical Stimulation

  • TENS (transcutaneous nerve stimulation)

  •  Hot & Cold Packs

Therapy Specialty Programs

  • Electrical stimulation 

  • Wii-Hab (Therapeutic intervention using programs from the Wii)

  • Stroke Recovery 

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation 

  • Community Reintegration Program 

  • Amputee Rehabilitation 

  • Use of Adaptive Equipment 

  • Posture and Body Mechanics 

  • Management of Dysphasia & Swallowing

  • Auditory and Visual Compression 

  • Cognitive & Perceptual Training

  • Oral Motor Training

  • Dietary Consultation

Skilled Nursing Services

As a team, our clinical nursing staff works with you and your physician(s) to provide the highest level of care to ensure a speedy recovery.  All nursing staff are licensed in the State of Florida as Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants.

Our teams of nursing professionals are licensed as Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants.  This team works together with your physician to provide the highest level of nursing care.  Current specializations include:

  • Pain management 

  • Diabetic management and education 

  • Individual resident care plan treatment 

  • IV including antibiotic therapy 

  • Medication management and education 

  • Nutrition and hydration programs 

  • Restorative nursing 

  • Bowel and Bladder programs 

  • Catheter and colostomy care 

  • Off-site dialysis 

  • Respite stay & hospice care 

  • Pain management 

  • Complex & Surgical wound treatment (Certified Wound Care Nurse Available weekly)

  • Hospice program 

  • On-going education

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