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Visitation Policy Checklist

  1. Infection control and education policies for visitors.

  2. Screening, personal protective equipment, and other infection control protocols for visitors.

  3. Length of visits. Must meet or exceed license-specific criteria, if applicable.

  4. Number of visitors. Must meet or exceed license-specific criteria, if applicable.

  5. Designation of person responsible for staff adherence to visitation policies and procedures.

  6. Visitors cannot be compelled to show or provide proof of vaccination or immunization status. 

  7. Consensual physical contact allowed between a resident and a visitor.

  8. Required in-person visitation circumstances as listed in 408.823(2)(c), F.S.

NOTE: Effective May 6, 2022, pursuant to s. 408.823, Florida Statutes, all Nursing Home facilities must submit their visitation policies and procedures with their initial, renewal, and change of ownership applications. Failure to provide this documentation will result in a notice of intent to withdraw your application from consideration.

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